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now available in single cartridge packaging.

SureKill® Ant and Roach Gel Bait offer exceptional adhesion when treating hard to reach places, helping your bait stay where it's applied while providing around-the-clock control. While originally launched in a four-pack offering, feedback from the industry indicated a strong interest in single cartridge packaging as well. This new offering allows PMPs more convenience and flexibility in their inventory preferences! 

SureKill Roach and Ant Gel Baits

  • contain the active ingredient Imidacloprid which kills many common ant and cockroach species where they hide, breed, and live
  • resist drying out and remains palatable to ants
  • offer 40 gram syringes, which is 25% more product than leading competitor syringes
  • are labeled for residential, commercial, and food handling establishments

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SureKill Ant and Roach Gel Baits

SureKill Ant Gel Bait
SureKill Roach Gel Bait

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